General Practice Assistant

General Practice Assistants GPAs can carry out a range of tasks that contribute to the care of patients including:

    • Routine administrative tasks such as arranging follow up appointments, managing post/emails, completing paperwork for the GP to approve and sign and helping the GP to liaise with other organisations.
    • Basic clinical duties such as:
      • Preparing patients for their GP appointment by taking details, checking blood pressure, dipstick urine testing
      • Helping the GP with some clinical tasks
      • Explaining treatments, procedures and follow up arrangements to patients
      • Explaining healthy lifestyle choices

GPAs work as part of a practice team that includes doctors (GPs) and nurses, whose workload is often increased by administrative task such as emails. Some of these routine tasks don’t necessarily need to be completed by a doctor or nurse. By relieving some of this administrative burden, GPAs can help highly qualified colleagues to make best use of their time, allowing them to focus on caring for patients. By supporting GPs with some basic clinical duties, thy can also help with the smooth running of appointments during surgery hours.

To find out more see the FAQs below or to apply for a place on the current Certificate Cohort email for an application form.