Community Paramedics

Welcome to our page for Paramedics

We are supporting paramedic roles in primary care and we believe there will be something of interest for you on this page (if there isn’t please tell us what you’d like to see here).

Paramedics play an important role in primary care and are increasingly involved in providing first contact care in General Practices and primary care hubs. The success of paramedics working in primary care is heavily reliant on having the right framework in place for recruitment as well as for on-going training and support of professionals working in these settings.

Training Hubs are working closely with Health Education Thames Valley to embed and support Paramedics in primary care, to see the Roadmap to Practice click on the following link:


Primary Care Placements

Experience in the area of work you are interested in working in is an important part of the decision making process.  Providing opportunities for people to gain experience in an area they are interested in working in is vital to generating future workforce.

Are you a qualified or trainee paramedic interested in working in primary care?

Are you a practice interested in offering a placement to a trainee or qualified paramedic?

Contact us to find out more about how we can support you. Contact us here.