AHP Roadmap Supervision


Roadmap Supervision Support

BOB ICS currently can support PCNs with Roadmap Supervision for First Contact Practitioners.  

HEE Roadmaps to Practice have been established to create a standard of practice and proof of capability for clinicians moving to work in primary care under the ARRS. The portfolio route provides evidence of capability in the knowledge, skills and attributes of Masters level practice in primary care to assure patient safety and to satisfy CQC standards. The portfolio can only be signed off by existing GP trainers who can undertake an optional top-up session at e-lfh (see this video). You will need to login or register to view the video.   Other GPs or Advanced Practitioners who have completed a 2-day roadmap supervision course.

We recognise that it can be challenging for PCNs to ensure suitable supervision is available, and this is impacting recruitment and retention of these roles. To support PCNs we are providing two offers to support. We are pleased we can offer External Roadmap supervision provided by GP and AHP Roadmap Supervision Fellows:

  • External Roadmap supervision support can be accessed (without charge) through our small faculty of trained GP and AHP Roadmap supervision fellows. This offer is limited and will be accessed on a first come first served basis and is offered only to clinicians directly employed by the PCN.
  • The supervision offered by the Fellows will specifically focus on helping the clinician to complete Stage 2 of the FCP Roadmap including building and verifying the portfolio of evidence. This includes completion of COTs  (consultation observation tool), CBDs (case-based discussions) and CEPs ( clinical examination procedural skills) assessments. It is anticipated this will take approximately 2 hours per month. The clinician will need protected time to meet with their Roadmap supervisor.
  • The supervision will take approximately 6 months to complete.
  • Please note the supervision will not provide support with day to day clinical debriefs which will still need to be provided by the practice/PCN.

To access external Roadmap supervision please complete the Expression of Interest form via this link.

We hope this offer will prove useful both to support the recruitment and development of the individual clinicians and with retention and establishment of these new roles in Primary Care.

It is anticipated that clinicians who go on to Advanced Practice will become a future Roadmap supervisors themselves so in the longer term the scheme will be sustainable.

For any questions relating to the external Roadmap supervision offer please email Bob.fellowship@nhs.net