Fellowship F.A.Q’s

The national guidance outlines that the General Practice Fellowship programme is for GPs and Nurses who have qualified in the previous 12 months (on a rolling basis) and are within their first year of working in general practice. Due to the delay in launching the programme due to COVID 19 we are being more flexible for this first year and are able to accept GPs and Nurses who qualified before September 2019.


Going forward, we will be encouraging applications from any GP or Nurse who has qualified within the previous 12 months from the date of their application. There is scope to extend this to 18 months post-training due to (but not limited to) long-term sickness or maternity/ adoption/ parental leave, or other caring responsibilities. In these circumstances, we will consider applications on an individual basis.

Yes, providing existing staff meet the criteria outlined above.

Practices are encouraged to include this to their job advertisements as this will show potential candidates that there is support for them in General Practice to smooth the transition into their new career. It will also encourage newly qualified nurses who may not normally consider General Practice as a first destination career choice to take up a position in primary care as they will receive the necessary support to enable them to rapidly gain the necessary skills to become a fully-fledged practice nurse.

Practices will be able to claim funding to enable the fellow to participate in the CPD sessions. This funding is calculated on a pro-rata basis depending on whether the fellow is working full time or less than full time. The expectation is that the Fellow will attend one organised CPD session each month and the other sessions for GPs will be spent working on developing leadership skills, quality improvement projects which benefit the practice and/or PCN as well as developing areas of special interest. The scope of their personal development plan will be discussed with the external Mentor who will provide support and structure to ensure the Fellows are maximising the benefit of the opportunity.


For Newly qualified nurses there will be an expectation that they will attend a General Practice Fundamentals course in their CPD sessions in the first 6 months. Funding is available from other sources to cover the cost of this course.


Participating practices will be expected to support fellows with practice level induction to help them better understand how general practices work and to nominate a workplace supervisor for day to day clinical and logistical queries.

There is no set or unique employment contract for Fellows. The individual participant should be recruited in the usual way, utilising the respective practice’s usual employment contract, which should usually be the BMA model GP salaried contract.

In the national guidance cost calculations have been based on:


  • A nine session week
  • Reimbursement for one session per week (4 hours 10 minutes/ 52 weeks)
  • GP reimbursement is now based on the GP’s contracted salary and will include 30% on cost (to cover NI and Pension contributions etc)
  • GPN reimbursement is based on the GPN’s contracted salary and will include 30% on cost (to cover NI and Pension contributions etc)


This is worked out on a pro-rata basis. For example, a 6 session contract GP would be entitled to 3 sessions a month for CPD.

6 Sessions a week / 9 Possible Sessions a week = 0.67 a month

0.67 x 4 weeks in a month =2.67 sessions a month which we will round up to 3 sessions of CPD backfilled.



Yes, this is an appropriate way of using the CPD time if there is also agreement within your practice.

You will be able to discuss this with your practice supervisor, your external mentor and the fellowship team but this is your time to think about and develop your career. You may have some clear ideas about what you would like to do but don’t worry help is at hand over the next few months there will be opportunities to discuss this.

The objective of the next two years is for you to gain greater experience and understanding of the scope of General Practice and Primary care through working with experienced colleagues in your PCN and practice and developing your ideas about how you could contribute. While there will be no ‘portfolio’ or official monitoring, we would recommend you keep a log of your activities. You will want to demonstrate the work you are doing as part of the appraisal process. You should ask your supervisor which appraisal toolkit is widely used in the practice and use that to log activities. At the end of each year of the fellowship, we will be asking you to do a short presentation on the work you have done in the year to share with your colleagues. If you undertake a project during the fellowship, we will support you to think about how you could present this as a poster or if you undertake a larger project, you may wish to think about trying to get a publication.

Yes, we would encourage you to take the time to read about an area you are interested in and we have compiled a list of useful reading and resources. If you find something you think would be of interest to others, please share this with us.

We envisage a rolling programme so if unable to attend a session, it may be possible at another point.

We thought about this but feel there is more value in interacting in the session and feel if it is recorded this may be inhibitory. If we feel is appropriate we will record sessions and send a link to the fellows in question. We will however have a repository of useful slides online.

The programme will run for two years with a pathway for GPs and a pathway for nurses with opportunities to develop the skills needed to progress in the way each individual requires.


It should be noted that the programme is referenced in the long term plan and for now, the programme is here to stay!

The programme is run by the Oxfordshire Training Hub on behalf of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West (BOB) Training Hubs.  Only Fellows working in general practices situated in the BOB area can apply to the programme. This is a national scheme so if you are working outside the BOB area you should still be able to access the Fellowship scheme through their local Training Hub and Health Education England regional team.

The programme is tailored to suit the needs of General Practitioners and nurses so that even though the basics of the programme are similar, specific needs of each fellow is catered to. We envisage some joint sessions where the content is useful to both professions.


If you have any ideas or suggestions for content – please do get in touch with us.

This may well be the case as some sessions will be more suitable for smaller groups or are wanted by some in the group but not others.

You can still join the Fellowship programme and you can discuss with your mentor how to progress your continued professional development, this may include completing the clinical supervision training and working within your PCN on a project or using your time to develop an area of your practice in more depth.

It will be possible to apply to join the scheme at any point as long as the entry criteria are satisfied. We accept applications via the online form. If you have any concerns about applying please get in touch via bob.fellowship@nhs.net

If for any reason you are unable to complete the fellowship due to maternity leave, long term sickness etc, the fellowship can be paused till the fellow is ready to return. If you move out of the area, then we would hope you can join another group of Fellows in your new area to complete your two-year programme.  Individual cases will be considered by the Oxfordshire Training Hub.

We have set up a Whatsapp group for the Fellows for the current cohort and will use this to share useful information and important dates. You can also use it to communicate and grow links with your colleagues in the group. We have also launched a webpage for Fellowships  where you can find useful information and updates, as well as the CPD calendar of events.

We will also keep in touch regularly through out the year via email.

Any further questions please get in touch (bob.fellowship@nhs.net)