General Practice Nursing

Nurses working in General Practice are undertaking an ever wider range of roles, with experienced nurses assuming more of the traditional workload of GPs. For nurses working in primary care, this should be seen as a positive development: for those seeking a challenging and rewarding nursing career, General Practice can offer this.

Like GP’s nurses can become involved in population health management, leadership, education and advanced nursing practice. General Practice nurses and now being encouraged supported and empowered to become involved in General Practice at a Primary Care Network level and can even go on to take up partnership positions in General Practice.

There are many nursing careers that can be undertaken working in Primary Care and we are here to help guide you along the right career path in General Practice, whether that’s wanting the initial information to become a Registered Nurse or Nursing Associate leading to becoming a General Practice Nurse (GPN) or Advanced Practitioner in General Practice.

Listen to two accounts of what to expect when working in General Practice.

Hollie is a newly qualified nurse who has chosen her first career destination to be in General Practice

Lesley is an experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioner in General Practice.